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What is the best way to find and connect with other Christians at work?
In Christianity and the Workplace
Tyler Ashman
Jul 22, 2021
In my workplace experiences in Washington, D.C., I have been very lucky to find a number of Christians in highly secular environments. The three things that have facilitated the building of these relationships best are as follows. 1. Be Transparent - Like Luke said, I work hard to not be afraid of mentioning my faith to others. However, I rarely lead off with a grand declaration of faith. Instead, I will often mention, if it's natural, that I "grew up in the church" or that I was part of a college Christian ministry. This can help encourage more timid believers to ask more, thus establishing a connection. Anything that is done in love, mentions your faith, and isn't too unnatural or awkward will almost certainly draw out more believers - like moths to a light! 2. Be Intergenerational - Older believers tend to be more vocal about their faith in the workplace, and you can notice them pretty quickly. (Conversely, I think younger people sometimes feel a career-centric disposition to keep quiet about their faith, even when they meet other believers.) Never be afraid to approach an older Christian that you meet at work - in my experience, they support young believers in the workplace incredibly well and have a great deal of insight to share. 3. Be Active - At my last place of work, I started a Bible study with two other believers that I met. We spread the word about it simply through conversations, but sure enough, about fifteen more believers showed up, and God worked mightily in our conversations. If we had not taken the step to create a meeting space for everyone, we may not have even met those brothers and sisters in Christ! Of course, I'm no expert at this, and each workplace is different. However, keeping these principles as a priority may help you avoid the awkwardness that comes from talking about your faith in the workplace. Maybe you can even be the person who creates spaces for people to connect, so they don't have to ask this question!
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Tyler Ashman

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