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The Iliad Forum was founded in 2021 by undergraduate students from all across the Ivy League, who wanted to provide an online, accessible, and rigorous database of answers to common questions about the nature and commitments of orthodox Christianity. The Iliad Forum site is intended to be a resource for both Christians and non-Christians, where answers to deep and complex questions and objections can be found almost immediately. Many of the questions that we deal with are tailored to the specific interests of undergraduate students at Ivy League universities. However, we also deal with broader topics, such as Christianity in the job market, philosophical apologetics, and Biblical history.

Mission Statement

Iliad Forum is an open access intellectual forum for Christian thought that makes scholarly work on topics related to Christian philosophy and philosophy of religion accessible to all. The main goal of the Iliad Forum is to engage the thoughtful questions and objections of current and former students in the Ivy League, regardless of their faith backgrounds. Students seeking clarification about essential Christian truths, evaluating some intellectual objection to Christian doctrine, or wishing to grapple with the Truth of Christianity can access relevant resources here. Christianity here is understood as historic orthodoxy: that framework of core beliefs that all Christians everywhere, at all times, and in every culture have believed. Thus, the Iliad Forum represents universal Christian belief shared by all major Christian traditions and does not officially endorse denominational differences or parochial agendas. Our hope is that all who visit and interact with our forums will gain a greater understanding of the intellectual credentials of the Christian faith and the vibrancy and potency of the Christian worldview both intellectually and practically.

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